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  1. joomsocial is ready for joomla 4 and php 7

    Joomla! 4 Alpha 2 is available for testing but it comes with the hidden catch. You need to have PHP 7 running on the web server in order to install it.

    PHP 7 is the minimum system requirement for Joomla! 4 website every server will have to comply with sooner rather than later.

  2. JomSocial On Joomla 4. What to expect?

    jomsocial and joomla 4

    After Project Icarus which quickly turned into organised chaos, and Joomla X, we finally got the Joomla 4 Alpha 1 version for testing.

    We already wrote in Joomlart blog post what can you expect from the Joomla 4 and if you haven’t read it by now, we strongly encourage you to do so.

    In this entry, we will focus on JomSocial’s goals and planned changes to make the transition to Joomla 4 as smooth as possible.

  3. With the recent acquisition of Gavick by Joomlart, we can’t be more thrilled to announce all Gavick templates with JomSocial support will be updated to always support latest JomSocial.
    It is however, a process that require time because most overrides are currently only partially working due the fact there are new features in JomSocial for which overrides were not created.

  4. We are pleased to announce immediate availability of JomSocial 4.5 series introducing the brand new system for guest users to manually request invitation when website is set in “invite only” mode and database preparation for upcoming chatbar feature. For the full list of changes, refer to our changelog.

  5. Omniglot = omni (Latin “all”) + glot (Greek “language”)

    English become modern lingua franca, but it’s always better to have extensions in your own language. Especially if it should be for your users. And what is more user oriented than Community?

    That’s why we decided to start JomSocial Omniglot Project, to encourage and reward Translators who want to localize JomSocial.

    Do you know English and any other language? Are you a native speaker? You have translation experience or language skill? Are you willing to help?

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