If you install Socialize for the first time, skip to point 10.

  1. Make safe copy of your site (we recommend Akeeba Backup)
  2. Browse to Backend -> Extensions -> Templates
  3. Set any other template as default (e.g Protostar)
  4. Browse to Backend -> Extensions -> Manage
  5. Type in "socialize" in search field.
  6. Uninstall Socialize template.
  7. Type in toolbar" in search field
  8. Uinstall Community Toolbar for Socialize Template
  9. Connect with your server using FTP client and make sure that folder ROOT/templates doesn't contain folder "socialize"
  10. Browse to Backend -> Extension -> Manage -> Install
  11. Install (or upgrade if you already have it installed) plg_system_t3-2.5.1.zip
  12. Install socialize_template_V2.1.0.zip
  13. Install mod_community_toolbar_V2.1.0.zip
  14. Browse to Backend -> Extensions -> Templates
  15. Set Socialize as default Joomla! template
  16. Enter Socialize settings
  17. In upper left corner you'll find "</> LESS to CSS" button
  18. Click on smal black triangle on the button
  19. Click "[default] theme only"
  20. Browse to Backend -> Extensions -> Modules
  21. Look for Community Toolbar for Socialize module
  22. Enter module configuration
  23. Set module to "top-header" module position
  24. Enable module
  25. Save


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