“Bringing Social Back”

What if you could install a JomSocial template and easily transform your regular Joomla site into a slick, professional social network powered by JomSocial?

Now it’s possible with the Socialize template by JomSocial.

While JomSocial will work with almost any Joomla template, your JomSocial site will still look more Joomla than “social.” Your members may have access to JomSocial pages, but they may not always be aware of it.

The Secret Of Your Social Network Success?

Visibility And Familiarity. To take your social site to the next level and increase your members’ engagement, you need a more social community.

And now it’s easy!

The Socialize template is not only a slick-looking JomSocial template. It also allows you to add a social toolbar to the top of all the pages of your website, not just the JomSocial pages.

A similar toolbar is available on Facebook, so users are familiar with the layout. They’re more likely to use it and to engage in your social network.

Visible Alerts, Search, Profile And Settings

Using the toolbar, your members will see alerts about new messages, friend requests, likes and comments, in real time.

They won’t have to surf away to the JomSocial area. They can get all their social alerts at the top of the toolbar.

It doesn’t get much easier and more user-friendly than that. It makes you and your social network look super professional.

Powerful, Elegant, User-Friendly

The beautiful design by the JomSocial team will make your site look great, and the powerful features of T3 will give you the flexibility you need to make it work for you, just the way you want it.

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